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AOL Mail- Let’s get started

Emails are a means of exchanging messages in the form of documents ( Word, PDF, Excel), images, links and others through the medium of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop or laptop. With so many email services existing in the technical world, AOL Email deserves a special mention. To brief you with this mail, it is a free web-based service that is provided by the parent company AOL and stays operational in fifty-four languages. Being one of the largest email providers, naught for not is AOL mail considered the best among others. As time passed, the users were also allowed to use the free webmail service without subscribing to AOL. This meant that the netizens didn’t have to download AOL Desktop Gold in the system for access AOL mail but could use the email service through a web browser or a third party application. If you are keen in knowing more about the same, then the best way would be contacting the experts at AOL customer care number.

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How does the AOL mail work?

AOL mail or as popularly known to many as AIM mail, started as providing the email services to its clients who took the AOL software package through subscription. However, in recent years, it introduced its free mail service. It's now available for everyone and not just for the software subscribers. You can now access your email through a web browser when connected with the internet. To use the same, the users can log in to through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other web browser preferred. If you like you can also download AOL Gold and use the software’s built-in mail program and access the mail. The option lies with you. If you want to create your AOL mail account, you need to go to the address bar, and then click on the icon which says ‘Get Free AOL Mail.’ Enter all the information that has been asked for and sign in to the account. The systematic procedure will be discussed later on. When you will login to the mail, you will see a home screen. The screen displays the news headlines, and all the functions that the mail portal can perform are located on the left side of the dashboard. There will be a list of icons and folders in sequential order. It starts with Inbox and then has Trash Folder, Contacts, Calendars, and other options.

AOL Mail Advanced features

Apart from offering the basic functions of sending and receiving emails, adding contacts to the AOL Mail Address Book, and others, it also enlists other advanced features, which you can find on the right screen of the screen. It includes panel, and you can take a look them shared below

  • AIM Panel- It will take you to an AOL Instant Messenger Window and AOL mail can be automatically configured once you login to AIM. It includes all the features including the buddy list, IMs, starting chat sessions or sending text messages
  • To Do Panel- It enables you to open your To-Do list where you can perform your new tasks along with the dates. It also provides a To Do Link on all the emails that you receive.
  • Events panel- It leads up to the Calendar application and all the events that you have saved. Just like To do list has a link attached to it, the Calendar application also has a link attached to every email. To create a Calendar entry, you need to click on the link, and the entry created will appear on both the application and Events pane;
  • Blog- It also offers another feature where you can add your AOL journals. For all the aspiring writers out there, it is a free blog service, which is included in all the AOL mail accounts.
  • To know more about the features, you can have a word with the technical executives at AOL technical support number.

How to create an AOL mail account?

If after reading about AOL mail you feel interested in creating an account, then you can follow the steps shared below and quickly set up the account on your own.

  • Visit from a web browser and click on the option of ‘Get free email account.’
  • Click on the Sign-Up button
  • Enter the personal information that has been asked for, which includes:
  • First and Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Zipcode
  • Username and password
  • After that, select a security question and answer it accordingly.
  • Provide a recovery phone number and an alternate email address. Even though it is optional, it is advised to do so as it helps for recovering the password.
  • Click on ‘Save’ and successfully create the account.

The SMTP Settings

You should have a brief knowledge about the mail’s outgoing server settings as it helps you to configure the service in a third party mail application or even in smartphone’s mail app.

  • Server Address-
  • Port Number- 587
  • Security type- TLS
  • Authentication Required- Yes
  • Username and password- Associated with your AOL Mail
  • Another port number- 465

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Since every time it cannot be feasible to contact AOL mail customer support, you can take a look at some of the fundamental questions asked by the users along with their answers for your guidance

You can drag the panel size as per your comfort and bring it to the size you want to see. To do the same

  • Click on the vertical line that separates the panel
  • An arrow will appear, click on the same and drag the arrow accordingly to resize the size of the panel.

When you understand how to use the keyboard shortcuts, it will become easier and faster for you to perform the tasks. Take a look at the various options shared below.

For composing mails

  • Open the spell check- Alt + =
  • To close the Compose Mail window- Alt + X
  • To send email- Ctrl + Enter
  • To Select ‘To’ box- Alt + [

For Inbox

  • To create a message – Alt + W
  • To forward a message- F
  • For Replying- R
  • For replying to all messages- A
  • To compose a message in the new window- Ctrl + Compose Mail Button

For using shortcuts in Contacts

  • Adding new contact- E
  • Saving a contact- Ctrl + Enter
  • For closing the contact- X

In Calendar

  • To add a new event- E
  • For saving an event- Ctrl + Enter

Even though there are many other shortcuts, but it won’t be feasible to add all of the same here. For knowing about each one of them, it would be better if you get in touch with the professionals at AOL Mail Customer Support.

You don’t need to worry about your Inbox getting full as you can quickly delete emails that you don’t feel are necessary.

To delete a single mail, follow the given steps

  • Click on the mail that you wish to delete
  • Tap on the ‘Delete’ icon and click on Okay

For deleting multiple emails

  • Open Inbox and click on the box near to the emails that you wish to delete
  • Press Okay

A comprehensive guide to AOL Mail Customer Support

If you come across any issue while operating this mail service, then you can always get in touch with the technical executives at AOL Mail Customer Support. Look at the different features of the customer service that it has to offer.

Contact the techies via omnichannel medium- You can connect with the experts through different mediums. These include toll-free number, live chat support, or emails.

Available all round the clock- To cater to your issues immediately, the techies are available 24*7 and make sure that you are not delayed for resolving the issue.

Research-based analysis- The techies at customer support do not provide solutions out of thin air. They first research thoroughly about the issues that a user is facing and then provide reliable answers

Keeps the knowledge base up to date- To ensure that the experts can handle the queries swiftly, they keep themselves updated with the latest things going on in the mail.

Keeps the knowledge base up to date- To ensure that the experts can handle the queries swiftly, they keep themselves updated with the latest things going on in the mail.

Acts to the core- The solution provided by the techies are not superficial. They try to diagnose the error and solve it to the core. Sometimes it also allows them to dig into a problem, which goes unnoticed from a user’s eye.

Remote access- Through this feature, the executives can view your desktop screen on theirs through servers. This helps them to look more deeply into trouble and solve the same.

So what are you waiting for? Have any trouble with AOL Mail? Feel free to contact the AOL Mail customer Support and get the perfect solution for the queries.