AOL Email Customer Support


AOL mail is an email service provider which has been around for a long time and still provides free web-based service. The email service is also called AIM mail sometimes, in which, AIM stands for AOL instant messenger. AOL is known to be the most reliable email service providers around the globe, with the help of which users can easily connect with their friends and family. Well, the service provides users with many new features, such as instant messaging, news, games, and entertainment. If you are worried about security, then you must relax as AOL email has the best security policy as compared to any other email service providers. With the help of AOL, you can speak to your friends, business associates, clients, and whomsoever you want, without any risk for any kind of damage. It makes sure that you don’t get any trouble while working with the service. But it is a fact that nothing can be flawless in this world, so is AOL email. There are possibilities that you encounter some issues while working with the email service such as AOL mail not working, the problem in sending and receiving messages, etc. Generally, the issues are not so complicated and you can quickly fix it, at times solving the problems on your own may get confusing, this is when you would require third-party assistance. So if you have been facing any error which is stopping you from accessing the email service, you can contact AOL email customer care number to get help from the experts who are available 24 hours a day to serve you with the best possible solution.


Well, it is a fact that nobody would choose a service without knowing and understanding its benefits. So you must have a look at the list of advantages you would get once you start using AOL email:

These are a few features which make AOL email different from other email service providers. If you intend to know more of its pros, you can get in touch with the AOL email customer service number to get additional assistance from the experts.


You may have the whole idea of enjoying the email service, but until or unless you do not create an account on AOL email, you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits. So if you wish to experience the benefits of having an account on AOL mail, you must go through the steps mentioned below to create an account on the same:

Methods of creating an account:

When it comes to managing your AOL email account, you can do it easily by visiting the official website of AOL. You can reset or change the password from there if you are facing any security threat, you can make changes to your AOL username and account security, etc. So managing AOL account is not difficult and is absolutely hassle-free. But if you do face any challenges which are not allowing you to create or manage your account correctly, you can freely ring-up AOL email service number to get help from the experts.


Obviously, nothing would provide you with a flawless service. There are times when users encounter some errors while working with the email service, which makes their emailing experience difficult. So you should get prepared for the worst as well, go through the issues and error codes you are likely to experience while using AOL email:

You must not panic if you encounter any of the errors and issues mentioned-above. You can call AOL email helpline number to avail assistance from the experts who provide you with the most suitable solution in no time at all.


You must have faced ‘AOL mail not working’ issue while working with the email service. So if you want to fix the problem manually, refer to the following steps:

  • You must reboot the Windows and then start the PC again
  • Make sure that you are not entering incorrect login details
  • Call the customer service number to check the network connection
  • You must install any antivirus software to prevent any viruses from entering the device
  • Prefer deleting caches and cookies
  • Update the PC drivers to fix the issue.
  • Following these steps would be enough to fix the error, but if you still face the error after incorporating the shared steps, you can connect with the experts at AOL email help number.

    If you want to stay updated with your emails, you must sync your email account to the iPhone. Doing so would be extremely helpful for you, and you can follow the steps provided below:

  • You must go to the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone
  • Go to ‘Password and accounts.’
  • You will have to choose ‘Add account’ and then select AOL from the available list
  • You would then have to enter your email address and password registered with the email
  • AOL mail would verify your account, and then you will have to select the information which you want to access.
  • It can be the worst nightmare for you that some unauthorized person is accessing your account. You must change your password to avoid this problem. You can also refer to some suggestions shared below to protect your emailing experience:

    • Change your password immediately to log out your account from everywhere
    • You must create a strong password which would be impossible to guess. Try including symbols, numbers, letters, etc.
    • Ensure that any virus or malware has not infected your system. Also, update your antivirus software on a regular interval
    • You must check your email settings and also add new security details which will help you secure your account
    • You should take care that there is no inappropriate content in your emails.

    If you still encounter any unusual happenings in your email account, you can connect with the experts at AOL email contact number where the experts are available to help you with the most satisfying solution.


    As mentioned above, there are several times when users get to face some malfunctionings with the email service. Connecting with the experts would be the best choice when any such issue bothers you. Have a look at some of the benefits of calling the service team:

  • Experts are available 24 hours a day
  • You can connect with them via multiple channels
  • You would get a detailed and timely solution
  • Experts are well-trained and qualified.