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In the dynamic environment that we are in today, there is a lot of evolution that is taking place. Technology is vastly advancing, the interaction between technology and human beings is now made easy and efficient. It has been clearly seen and understood that people tend to use software which they feel is helping or assisting them in one way or the other. AOL is a well-known firm which has been serving the users for a long time. One of the software of AOL which has gained a lot of popularity is the AOL Desktop Gold. It is a platform that gives the users access to multiple aspects and requirements of the users. They provide the users with all the assistance which would cut down the need to have several other software. The premium version of AOL Desktop Gold is seen to have a far better user-interface and has received a lot of feedbacks on being highly user-friendly. This software enables the user to access AOL email, browse the internet, play games, watch videos and even listen to music. There are a lot of other interesting features that this software offers. Developers of this software have also given importance to the security that the software gives to the users, ensure that the users are well protected from any kind of cyber threat. This software works efficiently on iOS as well as Windows operating systems. If you desire to download AOL Desktop Gold for your system, you can promptly visit their official website and do the needful.